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YARN Fabric


Denim (Denim) also called Liebo is a coarse thick yarn-dyed cotton twill warp faced, the warp dark in color, usually indigo weft light in color, usually gray or broiled practice after the white gauze. Also known as indigo denim. Began in the western United States, grazing personnel for the production of underwear named.

Colored cloth

The fabric (woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, etc.) through professional dyeing equipment: singeing, faded pulp, bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, finishing, pre-shrinking stereotypes, such as craft production out of the finished cloth is dyed fabrics.


Dip, just like its name, the overall soak through the fabric to fill the vat dyes and mordant, through the movement of the fabric is dyed or colored dye circulation gradually. Dip method is the use of cotton fiber reactive dyes commonly used as a staining

Bonded Fabric

Lamination technique can be divided into over all bonding and dots bonding.The fabrics can be 2 layer or 3 layer. Lamination fabric can be flexible, more soft, more breathable, no noise. It is the best choice for professional outdoor sports and casual function field.

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